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Don’t you just love how modern technology has made everything easier? I mean, you can be entertained and fed all from the comfort of your couch!

However, have you ever thought about what would happen if things were to change drastically and you had to think out of the box to survive?

For instance, look at the current crisis that has people self-isolating in their homes. If things come to the worst, resources are likely to become scarce and you need to be prepared for such.

The Lost Ways 2 is an online guide that claims to have unearthed ancient life skills that can be helpful in times of crisis.

Is the guide any good? Read on to find out.

The Lost Ways 2™: An Overview

As the title suggests, The Lost Ways 2 is a second edition or rather an updated version of this program. It was created with the aim of reviving ancient methods of survival. Everything explained in this guide is backed by science and is practical as well.

Claude Davis, the creator of this guide aims to reveal all the old secrets and methods used by our ancestors to survive drought, wars, disease, and many other life-threatening conditions.

How It Works?

The Lost Ways 2 is essentially a 300-page eBook that contains invaluable information about human survival in dire situations and talks about the benefits of organic ancient super foods.

This guide focuses on teaching the old techniques that our ancestors used to survive since there was no modernization back then.

In the guide, Claude Davis teaches how to grow these foods and store them for future use. Besides that, you will get access to more valuable information on areas such as health, finances, and life crisis.

Inherently, this program talks about the highly nutritious foods that will help you survive in the face of food shortage.

The foods in mentioned in the guide have a long lifespan, which enabled our ancestors to have ample stock even without refrigerators.

Claude Davis, the creator of this guide aims to reveal all the old secrets and methods used by our ancestors to survive drought, wars, disease, and many other life-threatening conditions.

What It Includes?

Even with all the comfort that modern technology has availed, it is important to possess life skills because they will come in handy in the face of adversity.

Here is what you will find in the Lost Ways 2 guide:

In this particular section, you will learn how to make nutritious food using ingredients that Native American Scouts used in the past.

The food was rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and it was compact and light. The best part is that the food can last a long time without the need for refrigeration.

In fact, this food is wholesome and you can survive on it alone.

As times evolve, more people are embracing chemical-based medicines and although they cure diseases, they are not so good to the body.

During ancient times, people used wild plants and herbs to cure and prevent diseases. This guide talks about a range of medicinal herbs and their uses.

You will get to learn how to grow them in your own garden for easier access.

The environment suffers a great deal because of the development of human settlement. As such, it is almost impossible to get a safe place to set up shelter in the event of a crisis.

The lost Ways 2 will teach you how to set up a safe house using logs. Of course, the cost of building such a house is lesser than that of building a modern house.

Are you aware that there are people in the United States who cannot access clean drinking water in this day and age?

This guide will teach you how to be self-sufficient on the same. People in the past used to collect rainwater or dig wells for drinking water.

You can do the same but there is no guarantee that the water you get will be safe for drinking. This guide will teach you how to purify water-using ingredients like charcoal.

This guide also talks about digging a well within a short period. Without too much effort, or exaggerated costs, you can build your personal well where you can access water.



About The Author

Claude Davis is the brains behind this guide. He has vast experience when it comes to human survival and has written other helpful articles on the same such as “The Lost Ways 1.” 

Claude is also behind the popular website that is all about survival. He is and has been concerned about how the modern generation strays further away from ancient ways and this is brought out in this entire guide.


The report was made especially for people who want to have a self-sufficient homestead. It’ll show you exactly how to build and how to divide the land into small sections to get the most out of it.

It will also show you what to build around the house to store and filter rainwater, to preserve food, to defend your home, to live without electricity and many, many more like the small medicinal garden you need to have in your backyard.

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Final Verdict

Clearly, it is important to stay prepared for adverse events even with all the comfort that modern technology has brought about.

What we love most about this guide is that it comes with a money-back guarantee so you can ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied.

We can confidently vouch for this survival guide; it is definitely worth the investment.


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